Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Trendelling Right Now: Boho + A Twist of Office

It's nearing the end of spring and fashion is rapidly changing here in New York - one blink, and you could be missing out on a whole new trend! Unfortunately, blinking is essential in order to maintain survival...

Here's a compiled list of what's trendelling right now. Note: Blinking won't change a thing! You're completely safe of unauthorized trendsetters and style stealers. You're welcome.

1. Boho Meets Feminine; Loose Boots + Tight Tights.
It's time to take your dusty old black tights from the back of your closet and give them a new best friend! Pair loosely laced, leather boots with black tights and a boho, baggy top for a casual-yet-feminine look.

2. Miss Official; Belted & Colorful Office Skirts + Neutral Blouse.
"Work" just got a whole new perspective. Sport your medium-lengthed schoolgirl or office skirt with a pretty, solid belt, and pair with a form-fitting, ruffled blouse and pretty flats.

3. Serious Dress-Up; Black & Yellow White, Black & Yellow White.
Show off the time you spent at the gym over the long and treacherous winter with curvy dresses in black and white. The more zigs and stripes, the merrier! Add a serious pair of flats to conclude your statement.

Xo, Riella

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