Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Favoritella: Lipsticks

Lips can either make or break an outfit or look. Sometimes I like to go bold, but other times I shy away from the bright colors and go for a more pastel, "Earth-y" tone. Colors aside, the brand of the lipstick your using can also be the determining factor of your look. I definitely play favoritism in the brands of my lipsticks. Some can make your lips look like candy, while others tend to make your lips appear chap. 

So which lip product should you use, exactly? Here's a list of my personal picks when it comes down to lipsticks...enjoy!

This is an absolutely amazing lip product if you're looking for something that doesn't make your lips feel dry or chap. The color stays true the whole day and Jouer also offers a huge variety of (pretty) shades in both pastel and bold.

This lipstick is no doubt true to it's name; it's a "full-finish". It applies super smoothly and the color always comes out the same shade as the color in the stick. Even better? It's wallet-friendly compared to other top-brand lip products and you won't have to worry about feeling guilty for spending money afterwards.

I love this "lipstick" because it offers the glossy and light-weight feel to lip gloss, but the enduring color to lipstick. You get the best of both worlds and the colors that Clinique offers are all "wearable" and
school/work appropriate.

4. NYX Cosmetics Round Lipstick
This has to be my favorite, all-around lipstick. There are so, so many colors available, from busty purple to light tan. The formula is absolutely amazing and barely ever smudges; and, you can get it for a mere $4.00, which is a steal even for a bad lipstick.

Xo, Riella

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